Frequently Asked Questions

Can I create more than one business and build business credit?

Yes! You can build as many businesses and build business credit as you desire!

Can I build business credit with any business?

Yes! You can build business credit on ANY type of business.

What can I get with business credit?

You can obtain credit cards, phones, financing, cars, buildings, loans and much more!

Will anything be in my personal name?

NO! EVERYTHING regarding business credit will be in your BUSINESS NAME.

When will I see results

You will see results from the very first day with our business credit program. We take you from start to finish and hold your hand the entire way.

Can I be in any state and still do this

Yes! You can build business credit in all 50 states!

Can I still do this business? I have a business already.

Yes! You can still build business credit with our business consulting program if you have an existing business.

Do I need good personal credit to do this?

NO. Business Credit has NOTHING to do with your personal credit. You are building a separate entity that will stand on it own.

Do I need to personally guarantee anything?

NO. This will be ENTIRELY SEPARATE from you personal credit report

How long does this take?

The entire process takes 60-90 days from start to finish if you are starting from scratch. If you already have an existing business then it will be closer to 45-60 days. The further along you are, the shorter the time frame will be.

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